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With your SafeZone Pass you can enter all the sites in the SafeZone.

Within the SafeZone, all websites are secured by SSL encryption for your safety. On top of that, each website is scanned on a daily basis for any hacking attempts or possible malware threats.

Whenever you open a page in the SafeZone, you can rest assured that you are protected..

Your SafeZone Pass includes a unique PerNum, a personal number that protects your privacy.

Instead of sharing your name, your email address, your phone number, or even your credit card details, you simply share your PerNum, while your personal data is safe on our military-grade encrypted and protected SafeZone servers.

PERNUM is your perfect privacy tool, protecting all your private data.
Instead of sharing your private data over and over again, simply mask them with your PERsonal NUMber.
More and more websites and online shops are participating.

PERNUM is the official wallet provider for The SafeZone.  You can earn FREE crypto currency - Rainbow Currency (YEM) just for your activity like playing games, participating in contests and visiting  partner sites within the Unicorn Network.

Your FREE YEM (Your Everyday Money) can be used for shopping at all participating sites wihin the SafeZone.

YEM can also be traded for Twnkl Estate Coin (TEC), Twnkl Vacation Coin (TVC), Twnkl Mobility Coin (TMC) and other coins/tokens on the TwnklChain.


First Generation: Whenever a member you invited is closing a deal on one of our partner websites, you receive a commission of up to 20% of the product’s value.

Following Generations: Whenever a member invited by your first to fifth generation is closing a deal on one of our partner websites, you receive a Family Bonus of up to 2% of the product’s value.