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Welcome to the Safe Zone Portal

Your Gateway to the Unicorn Network

You require a SafeZone Pass to access all the sites in the Network

Click on the buttons below to access more information regarding the Unicorn Network and The SafeZone

Because our websites are hosted on the worldwide web, access is available in many countries.

We are happy to make the content, software, products, and/or services available to people in any country where legal to do so.  And while we are not currently aware of any country that bans information of this type, nor specifically the information we provide, we make no representation that materials on the websites are appropriate or legal for use in any locations outside the United States.  

For more details regarding any of the sites listed below, visit the site directly for the most complete and up to date information.


PERNUM is where you will find your official SafeZone wallet

and is also the official wallet provider for Rainbow Currency (YEM), 

and other coins/tokens on the TwnklChain.

The PERNUM System is built to mask all your private data, including your phone number, your email address, your user names, your credit card info, your account numbers, your shipping address and much, much more.


Your SafeZone Pass includes a unique PerNum, a personal number that protects your privacy. Instead of sharing your name, your email address, your phone number, or even your credit card details, you simply share your PerNum, while your personal data is safe on our military-grade encrypted and protected SafeZone servers.

Now, when you for example subscribe for a newsletter, instead of your email address, you enter your PerNum. The website delivers the newsletter through our servers without knowing who you are.

When you log into the SafeZone you will be presented with a number of links

to access a variety of areas and communications.  

Use the PROFILE honeycomb to access your SafeZone profile, this is where you can update email and passwords.  Check out the WEBINAR option to read up on past webinars and to register for announced upcoming ones.  

Check out the RADIO SHOWS to catch up on past broadcasts and check the schedule for the next show.

Each option leads to a new section or web site, test them all to get to know your way around.



In the SafeZone, we bring prize draws to the next quality level. You can win for free, you can win without sharing your data, and you can win big! All prizes are guaranteed, from smartphones to cash jackpots.

You can even win the biggest international lotteries for free.


Your SafeZone Pass is at the same time your global-local bonus card. No matter if online or at local retail stores, restaurants and service providers, whenever you see the Perfect Bonus logo, you are qualified to receive exclusive special offers, coupons, and discounts.

Rainbow Currency (Trading symbol YEM) is the Official crypto currency of the SafeZone and is accepted for all of your needs at a growing number of online and local businesses, thus earning it the name - Your Everyday Money.

You can earn FREE YEM just for partipating in games and contests and visiting partner websites.  Find out more about Rainbow Currency by visiting the Crypto Currency page.

We Share Success is where to go see current marketing campaigns and where to get your referral links to all the SafeZone sites.  This is also where you go to check on new referrals you have sponsored.  

No matter which site your referrals sign up at within the SafeZone, as long as they use your referral link they will show up in your generatons 1 thru 5 at We Share Success.


First Generation: Whenever a member you invited is closing a deal on one of our partner websites, you receive a commission of up to 20% of the product’s value.

Following Generations: 

Whenever a member invited by your first to fifth generation is closing a deal on one of our partner websites, you receive a Family Bonus of up to 2% of the product’s value.

Read Webinar recaps and Register for scheduled ones at the SafeZone, We Share Success or Rainbow Currency website and look under WEBINARS


Your PerNum wallet is where you will find all your Rainbow currency including FREE YEM collected for participating in games and visiting partner websites.

Your PerNum account also has a messenger service, you can message directly to your sponsor and you can message to all your referrals. Check it out, send a message today.

As a member, you want to enjoy the benefits of our network. You don’t want to offer any services or products to other members, and you don’t want to monetize content created by you as an artist.

As a business member, you want to offer services and/or products to other members. You are willing to accept Rainbow Currency as a payment option.

As a creative member, you want to share and monetize art and/or content created by you, e.g. music, videos, articles.


What are you waiting for?



This Website is for educational Purpose only. It is not an Official Unicorn Network Site
But has links to the Official Site.
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