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Shopping and Partner Business

Twnkl Mobility Coin (TMC)

Is bringing cars and transportation on the TWNKLCHAIN. Car sharing, public transportation, and even special car deals for private households and businesses.  Advanced purchase of TMC coins is available at TWNKLBUY - there is a qty 5,000 limit per member.  Opening cost of 1 TMC = 100 YEM

Check TWNKLBUY for the most up to date information on availability of advance purchase coins.

Twnkl Mobility Coin (TMC)

International Vacation Club (IVC)

International Vacation Club (IVC)

IVC is where vacation dreams come true powered by the first digital currency on the TWNKLCHAIN dedicated to the vacation industry.

 Advanced purchase of TVC coins is available at TWNKLBUY - there is a qty 5,000 limit per member.  Opening cost of 1 TVC = 100 YEM

Check TWNKLBUY for the most up to date information on availability of advance purchase coins.



SOLARIO is disrupting the global energy industry by combining a patented, 3.8 times more efficient solar technology with the power of blockchain technology. As a result, we are able to deliver clean energy 24/7 to any place in the world at a price so low that it feels like free energy.

The groundbreaking technology we are talking about is part of the third industrial revolution. It is their goal to build micro-power-grids all over the world, and to cut down the costs for electricity by 50% to 90%,

no matter where you live.

Total available tokens is strictly limited to 50 million in total.

The official launch happened May 2018  with 1 SOLR = US $1. and for the following 40 months the price will increase by 10 cents each month, until in 40 months a price of US$5 per token reached.

Each token is good for 100 KWh of electricity,

to be delivered starting January 1, 2022.

Check the site for the most up to date information

on availability and cost of coins.

EEBOOX.COM is your place for valuable ebooks on the internet

within the SafeZone open network!

EEBOOX offers a wide selection of valuable ebooks and articles on a huge variety of topics. Cooking, Health & Wellness, Hobbies, Marketing, Money, and Sports are just some of the topics you'll find on EEBOOX.

EEBOOX specializes in non-fiction books written to help you in various aspects of your life from relationships, pet care, parenting, healthly living, DIY (Do-it-Yourself), business, and many other helpful how-to guides, articles, and valuable full length ebooks.


Your SafeZone Pass activates extra benefits in EEBOOX.

Vote each week from Friday-Friday, before 12pm USA Pacific Time.

The next free ebook is released at 12pm on Fridays USA Pacific Time.

1 free ebook each week and great savings on many valuable ebooks!


All ebooks are delivered in pdf format so they can be read

on any number of digital devices.

TWNKLBDS is THE place to buy and sell items for Twnkls (YEM)!

Utilizing the latest innovations from the Unicorn Network and the world of cryptocurrency, Shobbit is proud to accept Twnkls (YEM) for payment and to bring you the TWNKLBDS auction site. TWNKLBDS is an open auction site providing a P2P marketplace platform for buyers and sellers.


Find valuable products from eBooks to automobiles  on TWNKLBDS.

Log in with your SafeZone pass,open an account, place a bid, and if your bid is the highest at the end of the auction, you are the winner.


Sell your valuable products and/or services on TWNKLBDS and receive

Rainbow Currency in return.

All auctions at TWNKLBDS are displayed in Rainbow Currency (YEM).

There are hundreds of items listed, new items are added everday.

Visit today to see all the Great Deals.

At TWNKLESTATE, we are buying all kinds of real estate in different countries, putting the properties on the blockchain (digital ledger), and selling full or fractional owner rights through smart contracts to our members.

The only currency we accept is the Twnkl Estate Coin (TEC),

which is available at TWNKLBUY.

Finally, people from all around the world can buy fractional owner rights

even on a small budget.

Log in today and start building your personal real-estate portfolio.

What are you waiting for?

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