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The place where you can learn more about internet marketing.

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The SafeZone radio show is every Thursday at

9:00 am US Pacific Time

*** Unicorn Network Webinar Recap December 5, 2018 is NOW POSTED!Read it at Safe.Zone (under WEBINARS hexagon), WSS (under WEBINARS), and RC (under WEBINARS) *** Check for New properties listed on TwnklEstate regularly! *** New Edit Minimum Price function is now installed on TwnklBuy! If you have a SELL YEM or SELL TEC order, you can edit the minimum price by going to YOUR ORDERS. *** Join us for exciting announcements and updates on the SafeZone Radio Show with Cate! Just log in at & click on the "SafeZone Radio Show" HEXAGON. Live shows air every week on Thursdays 9AM USA Pacific Time. *** Reminder: If you are playing TwnklSoccer and did not see, the prizes are now ready to be claimed. Congratulations to the over 6000 players who won more than 200 Million YEM in prizes! If you are one of the lucky winners, just log into your TwnklSoccer account, claim your prize, and the YEM is delivered to your PerNum Wallet. *** Cashback Marketing Customers who have previously pre-ordered units for the Special Marketing Pool (SMP), please check your CBM accounts for updates. *** More updates are on the way and we will keep everyone posted...

Support for log in related problems can be reached via the Skype support room.  CLICK HERE

Your SafeZone Pass includes a unique PerNum, a personal number that protects your privacy. Instead of sharing your name, your email address, your phone number, or even your credit card details, you simply share your PerNum, while your personal data is safe on our military-grade encrypted and protected SafeZone servers.

With your SafeZone Pass you can enter all the sites in the SafeZone.

Within the SafeZone, all websites are secured by SSL encryption for your safety. On top of that, each website is scanned on a daily basis for any hacking attempts or possible malware threats.

Whenever you open a page in the SafeZone, you can rest assured that you are protected..

We Share Success

The place where you can learn more about invitation marketing.


First Generation: Whenever a member you invited is closing a deal on one of our partner websites, you receive a commission of up to 20% of the product’s value.

Following Generations: Whenever a member invited by your first to fifth generation is closing a deal on one of our partner websites, you receive a Family Bonus of up to 2% of the product’s value.

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